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Illuminate, with Gemma Stylz

Hi, over the last few years I have been transitioning professionally from an international tattoo artist to a full time fine artist. I want to show you in real-time as I take this career from side hustle to profitable, and publish the content as I go.

If you don’t know me already I’m from the UK and have been in Australia for the last 10 years. Living and working in rural NSW, I’m currently full time mum to a gorgeous and hilarious 21 month old girl with a new baby boy due in just 8 weeks! So believe me that I’ve gotta make a success of monetising this art business.

I’m sharing the journey so you can utilise and benefit from my experience in real time, before I condense the outcome into an upcoming e-course (coming 2023) and monetise the content. I’m making this available for free so you can see it actually working, without all the polished copy and content. Just raw and vulnerable, with all the mistakes and progress included. Plus there’s nothing like an accountability group to keep you committed to your goals.

Upcoming content in this blog and featured on the website ( on how to monetise an art career with a young family will include:



Artist interviews

New releases


Product production

and lots more…..

You can access all the real time content by this one useful link


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