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Logo symbology...

Have any of you ever thought much about the symbolism in logos? For me, I connected with the swallow to express my artistic representations. It's a stronghold tattoo image first popularised by sailors as they achieved 10,000 nautical miles, which symbolises my years as a travelling tattoo artist; living and learning on the road to develop a career in the visual arts. Throughout different cultures they've symbolised fidelity, renewal, agility, tribalism, peace, grace, luck and joy. All these aspects summorize the characteristics of a creative career.

If you are interested in the process of learning as a visual artist, maybe for your own career, for inspiration or for technical development, then I encourage you to follow the link and subscribe. I am in the practice of publishing the results of my current professional evolution as I build my brand and launch the next phase of this passion I call a career. I want to reward your support with insights, promotions and valuable content, straight to your inbox for free. My business is a work in progress, I hope you will join in the growth and help participate in the results.

Thank you all for the support, enjoy the journey

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