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Want to hear how you can help young Australians and native wildlife?

For the last few years since retiring from commercial tattooing I have been researching, studying and putting into practice different ways to share my artistic passion with the world. Thanks to focus and perseverance, jumping on the many small opportunities that built momentum and a brilliant thing called NEIS (I recommend you look that up if your interested in small business) I can finally share with you, Little Ozzies!

After last years horrific bush fires I really wanted to help the surviving wild life in the country, so I have designed a range of adorable native Australian wildlife that will be available as T-shirts, downloadable colouring pages and temporary tattoo transfers. These little Ozzies aim to serve, inspire and protect the youth and native wildlife of this beautiful country I have become so fortunate to call my home. Let me explain how....They will serve a purpose by fulfilling the necessity of clothing kids, pretty obvious one. But wearable art does more than that, the collectable characters and tattoo transfers are designed to promote engagement and sociability amongst social groups too.

The colouring pages will be educational around the topics of habitat and the animals characteristics. The action of colouring has been well researched and proven to help children lower cortisol levels creating a relaxed and positive mindset. Having an emotional connection to a learning experience creates a long term memory so engaging with the characters will not only educate about the animals themselves but also develop finger grip and fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, colour recognition, develop concentration levels, stimulate creative thinking and will give kids a sense of pride and achievement when they've completed a piece. The range will inspire children to develop their artistic passions and be evident that artistic careers are achievable if they chose to pursue one. After serving and inspiring Australian developing minds the range aims to protect the wildlife by donating a percentage of all sales to animal welfare, so kids will be stoked and supporting the company will be directly helping with the sustainability of Australians most threatened species.

The website is currently under development but if you would like a preview of Little Ozzies range head over to the facebook page or follow the updates on instagram

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